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The Alpaca Loom - Alpaca Products

Handmade Alpaca Products
Out of Locally Grown and Processed Fibre

It's Natural - 100 % Pure Alpaca

Silky feel and natural sheen
Finer and stronger than cashmere
Lighter and less irritating than lambs’ wool
Warmer than both

Currently we are concentrating on woven items like scarves, shawls and blankets as well as ponchos.

Our personal preference is for the whole range of natural colours as it is offered by our herd of alpacas. However, we can also dye any colour on request.

Every item has a story. It is unique and produced with love and care to last and give you a life time of warmth and pleasure.

Here you will find a small selection of our products. Many other varieties are of course possible.
For any enquiries, prices or to order please
contact us.

We are also selling some of our handspun yarn. Please do not hesitate to contact us for colours currently available.

Scarves - Scarves are truly amazing. They can be any one colour, or many. They can be plain or with patterns. Long or short, wide or narrow. There are simply no limits.

Shawls - The bigger friend of the scarf, but with added style!

Ponchos – My personal favourite!

Blankets - Remember those cold nights?
                     With a super soft and cudley alpaca blanket they are a thing of the past!


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