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Our Service - Agistment

Of course we donít only stable alpacas. We also sell breeding stock, herd guards and pets as well as beautiful soft products made from their stunning fleeces. Stud services are available to those who already have some girls and are looking for just the right Macho to breed them to.
We also offer
courses about animal husbandry in general as well as shearing courses every year mid to end of September.

Or come and have a cup of coffee at our coffee shop (Opening soon!!!), whilst watching the kids in the playground and petting zoo and the alpacas on the pasture.


We offer an individual service, you tell us what you are looking for and weíll provide you with a solution.

Why agistment?

You donít have land, but would like to join this industry.
You would like to grow your herd with us and buy land later on.
You donít have the space to separate your weanlings or males.

Agistment conditions

Basic monthly charge includes feed, basic care (vitamins, minerals) and tasks such as toenail clipping and trimming of teeth. All other alpaca training and care (like vet consultations, shearing, etc.) is covered by individual charges.

You are welcome to visit your alpacas as often as you like, although we would like to know if you plan to visit.

We are willing to halter train your alpacas, shear them, and arrange for them to go to stud, or transport them.


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