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Gallery - Alpacas

From birth, our alpacas grow up





Heavily defended by their mother

Looking for the milk bar





Well looked after by their dam

Having a break





Chatting to others

Discovering their environment





Sometimes with other youngsters

And sometimes all independent





Then again protected by mum

Who are you? Never seen you before...





Now, this is Robyn and myself.

Robyn is special - she is our first (and only) bottle baby, has lived in the house for a while and of course insists that Iím her mum! Canít you see?





Here she is chatting away with Hassan.





Once our alpacas are older, some of them get to see the world...

Erwin and Don Quixote at Bien Donne.





Bien Donne again - These kids seem clearly intrigued...

Nederburg Shiraz Festival





Nelsonís Creek

This year we brought our first products to the Wine, Wheels and Wagons Festival at Nelsonís Creek





But most of them stay at home, looking gorgeous while producing super-soft fiber and beautiful crias!



































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