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About Us

Only after having finished all the contents for this web page I realized that I completely had forgotten one thing – to say something about us. But animals come first…

Us, that is Dietmar Keil and Kerstin Heisterkamp. Dietmar comes from Namibia, where his father is farming with Karakul sheep. After finishing school in Namibia he did his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in Germany. Kerstin grew up in Germany. After living in London for a year we decided to buy some oldish Landrover and drive to Cape Town where Dietmars grandmother was living on a small farm.

We started off at Landskroon Old Houses, next to
Landskroon Wine Estate , and only about 2.5 km down the road from Fairview. Here we where producing veal and free-range pork. As the available land was fairly small and feed prices went up drastically, we soon had to look for alternatives.

Two years later the first alpacas followed. With other people trusting us with their animals, we started off with a herd of about 10 animals. A lot of learning had to be done.

With the passing of Dietmars Grandmother, plans had to be made, again, and with the support of family an adjacent piece of land became the future for the alpaca herd and ourselves.

Klein Landskroon, however, had to be built up from scratch. We erected two new sheds for the alpacas, put up over 6 km of fencing and all the other small necessities and in November 2009 a first group of males did move to their new homes.

Our main breeding herd moved to their new home when we did, in March 2010.

Now it is another four years later, some of our boarders have since left us and taken their animals to their own farms, but our own herd has grown nicely. There is still lots of work to be done, and always new projects to come, with - latest in line - a coffee shop to be opened soon!!!.

Our vision for the future
- Run a herd of 1000 alpacas with the core breeding herd on the farm and all other animals running
   extensively for fleece production.
- Produce high quality woven garments and sell them in our on-farm coffee shop
- Offer a memorable experience in our coffee shop
- Continue working with our dromedaries, horses, alpacas and llamas, while at the same time bringing people and animals closer together


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